Pre-Purchase Inspections for Classic Cars and Trucks

  • You live hundreds of miles from the car
  • You are not a "gearhead"
  • This is your first time buying a classic
  • You're overseas and looking at cars in the United States
  • You simply want a second opinion
YES, you need a pre-purchase inspection!
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  • Pre-purchase inspection service
  • Classic, collector, and antique cars
  • Fast and easy
  • One flat fee regardless of location
  • Report available one business day after inspection

The Road-Ready Inspection Package for Buyers

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  • Test Drive
  • Comprehensive Visual Inspection
  • 30+ Vehicle Photos
  • Technician Notes

The Road-Ready Inspection Report is turning "buyer beware" to "buyer aware".

The inspection report includes the following components to help you make an informed and confident buying decision:

Test Drive

  • 3-to-5 mile road test to measure the overall roadworthiness of the vehicle
  • Multiple inspection points cover acceleration, transmission, shifting, braking, fluid levels, handling and more

Comprehensive Visual Inspection

  • Essential mechanical and other non-mechanical components of the vehicle
  • Multiple inspection points cover battery, engine components, transmission and more
  • Thorough visual check that looks at the exterior and interior components
  • Multiple inspection points cover panels, carpet, chrome, rust, glass and more

Vehicle Photos & Technician Notes

  • Full-color photos taken by the inspector at the time of the inspection
  • Multiple vehicle photos from every angle to give buyers a 360 degree look of the vehicle
  • Technician notes and additional photos to document any potential areas of concern that a buyer will want to know, making for a more transparent transaction when it's time to buy

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